4T Spider Crane


Like the MC305C this machine will not disappoint with its small size and strength.




4980 mm


1980 mm




1380 mm


3.83t x 2.7m

ACCESSORIES / INCLUSIONS: Searcher Hook Option & Fly Option Available


16.0m x 0.21t

Popular Questions

Dry Hire is when you hire the crane or machine only and supply your own qualified Operator.
Wet Hire is when a crane or machine is supplied with an Operator and Dogman if a Dogman is required.

To hire Crane or Telehandler you must hold a current HRW Licence for the machine you are dry hiring capacity with experience.

Yes, they do contact us to find out the hire period for the machine you are requiring.

No, Fullers will organise your machine delivered to your site.


As a member of CICA all Fullers Mobile Cranes Fleet have an annual Crane Safe Inspection carried out.

Yes, this must be sighted by Fuller’s Mobile Cranes Management.

Yes, they do contact us to find out what each machine’s capacity is.

Yes, each machine that goes out on Dry Hire with the Operator must be Familiarised.

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Dry Hire or Wet Hire

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